Kincrome EVA215T EVA Tray Screwdrivers 15 Piece

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  • Kincrome EVA215T EVA Tray Screwdrivers 15 Piece

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Please take note of tray measurements before making your purchase.

Kincrome EVA Trays have been specifically designed to protect and maintain your Kincrome Professional Quality Tools®. These tool trays are custom made to suit Kincrome Tool Chests and Boxes. Kincrome EVA Trays make selection of your tools easier and quicker - saving you valuable time.

EVA215T - 15 Piece TorqueMaster™ Screwdriver Set EVA Tray

• 8 Pieces Blade:
38 x 6mm, 75 x 3mm, 100 x 6mm, 100 x 8mm, 250 x 9.5mm, 100 x 5mm, 150 x 5mm, 100 x 4mm

• 5 Pieces Phillips:
38mm x No.2, 75mm x No.0, 75mm x No.1, 100mm x No.2, 150mm x No.3

• Magnetic Bit Driver
• Magnetiser & Demagnetiser

EVA Tray Measurements: 557 x 250 x 30mm

Measurements 557 x 250 x 30MM
Material Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA)