Finkal Pin Punch Long 2.5mm. Made in Australia

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  • Finkal Pin Punch Long 2.5mm. Made in Australia


Finkal Punches & Chisels are manufactured from hardened and tempered top grade carbon alloy steel. This increases strength and durability, and reduces brittleness and tool stress.

• The striking end of all Centre Punches and Nail Punches has been tempered to prevent the head from shattering during striking.
• Punches & Chisels are available individually and in sets.
• All punches have knurled grips for easy and sure handling.
• Finkal Punches are proudly made in Australia.

Pin Punch
• For driving out and removing already loosened pins and keys after the initial movement by a starter punch.

Size: 2.5mm (3/32")
Material: Carbon Alloy Steel

Size 2.5MM (3/32")
Material Carbon Alloy Steel