SP 12v Li-Ion 105Nm 3/8" Impact Wrench No Battery.

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  • SP 12v Li-Ion 105Nm 3/8" Impact Wrench No Battery.



If you already have other SP Cordless Tools you can get this "skin only" unit as it will interchange with other 12v & 18V Units in the range!

• Variable speed trigger with brake
• Powerful motor with replaceable carbon brush
• Ergonomic soft grip handle for comfortable use
• Charging Time: 1 hour auto cut-off (±10min)
• 2 year warranty

• 12v 3/8” Dr Mini Impact Wrench no battery.

Performance Results
Screw Bolt M16 / Nut Cap 24mm
(Tightening Qty 138, Loosened Qty 229)
Torque Force to Tighten : 1040kg-cm
Tightening Time: 1-2sec
Torque Force to Loosen : 1000kg-cm
Loosening Time: 0.91 ± 0.23sec
Length of Screw: 20mm
Screw Bolt M22 / Nut Cap 32mm
(Tightening Qty 113, Loosened Qty 203)
Torque Force to Tighten : 1200kg-cm
Tightening Time: 1-2sec
Torque Force to Loosen : 1120kg-cm
Loosening Time: 1.04 ± 0.32sec
Length of Screw: 25mm

The SP Cordless Story:
Sp Cordless Tool program was born in the belief that with intelligent design and manufacturing we could make a range of cordless tools that utilized the best combination of voltage, power, torque and size.

The results speak for themselves:
• A complete range of mini 12 volt tools including the worlds smallest cordless ratchet wrench
• The best power to weight to size ratio range of cordless impact wrenches in the world
• The first cordless impact wrench with electronic torque stop control system
• Integrated microprocessors to optimise battery life and recharging

At SP we have become synonymous with manufacturing air tools and hand tools that give real meaning to the word Durability. With this in mind we wanted to bring real durability to cordless tool technology.

Here are just a few:
• Special engineered composite bodies to cope with everyday hard work
• High strength all steel gearboxes
• CAD engineered alloy front housing with critical strengthening
• Motors with replaceable carbon brushes. (Life testing shows a motor can outlast 4 sets of brushes)

SP has a commitment to unparalleled levels of quality after sales service. This includes offering a full range of accessories and spare parts off the shelf. This is backed up by a nationwide service network that ensures the tools, batteries and chargers deliver every time