SP Tools LI+ Power Bank Jump Starter 700A

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  • SP Tools LI+ Power Bank Jump Starter 700A
• 12v Port for powering or charging 12v accessories
• Hi power LED flashlight with strobe & SOS flash patterns
• Lithium-Ion Battery - Holds charge longer
• Built in battery management system
• Low voltage warning/low voltage shut down
• Reverse polarity indicator and alarm
• Short circuit and overload protection for jumper & USB
• Built-in over charge/discharge circuit protection
• 5v USB Port for charging mobile phones, tablets & cameras (approx. 4 full mobile phone charges per charge)
• 12v 250 - 700AMP Jump start (Petrol engines up to 5L V8 & Diesel up to 3L) (approx. double normal laptop battery life)
• Charger
• Storage case
• Jumper cables
• 12v car charger
• 12V10A DC adapter cable
• USB to various electronic device input connectors