Z-Tech Brake Fluid Tester.

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  • Z-Tech Brake Fluid Tester.

The digital brake fluid tester used for testing the moisture content in any brake fluid sample. Developed for use in automotive servicing and repair work shops. Moisture content is indicated by the five LED lights in terms of percentage of moisture in the brake fluid. Works on DOT 4 brake fluid only

To check brake fluid quality:

  1. • Unscrew the brake fluid reservoir; remove the cap from the brake fluid tester to reveal the testing forks.
  2. Press the button on the end of the tester for power on, the green LED will light up to indicate the battery is OK.
  3. Immerse the tester forks into the reservoir for approximately once second and the test results will be correctly indicated by the LED's.
  4. Wipe of fluid residue before retest or power off.
  5. The tester will automatically power off after 12 seconds in inactivity.

LED indication:
GREEN: Battery OK, no water in the brake fluid
GREEN/YELLOW: Less than 1% of moisture content in brake fluid.
GREEN/YELLOW/YELLOW: Approximately 2% of moisture content in brake fluid.
GREEN/YELLOW/YELLOW/RED: Approximately 3% of moisture content in brake fluid. The brake fluid should be changed.
GREEN/YELLOW/YELLOW/RED/RED: At least 4% of moisture content in brake fluid. The brake fluid must be changed urgently. Danger!

Note: the data above listed is for your reference only.
Battery: 1.5V, AAA (included)