KC Tools Heavy Duty Nut Splitter. Clearance price!

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  • KC Tools Heavy Duty Nut Splitter. Clearance price!

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Get a super clearance price at over % off this KC Tools heavy duty construction.   To use this tool start by loosening the adjuster bolt just enough to fit the nut inside of the splitter. Ensure that you face the adjuster bolt in a direction which allows you to fit a ratchet or spanner to it. Attempt to split the nut in a spot that allows access to the adjuster bolt from both sides, as you may need to break the nut in half by performing this more than once.  You can now to split the nut, it’s simply a matter of tightening the adjuster bolt until the nut splits. This may make the nut loose enough to remove, and if not repeat the process from the other side of the nut.

Heavy duty construction
Little to no damage to bolt threads
Size range: 11-20mm (7/16 to 13/16")
Ideal for removing seized rusted or stripped nuts