Why we recommend SP Tools as our Premier Tool Brand!

Why we recommend SP Tools as our Premier Tool Brand!

We at Transquip Tools Australia have been offering high quality SP Tools Hand Tools, Toolkits, Air Tools & Equipment for around 13 years and in that time SP has risen above all other brands to become our biggest selling brand!

"Naturally we offer great prices and fast (sometimes free) delivery on the entire SP range. However the other main reason for the rise of SP Tools is a VERY high quality product coupled with a HASSLE FREE warranty backup. SP also offer our clients state of the art innovation with genuine thought and research having gone into their Hand Tools, Spanners, Sockets, Storage & more! They also have a true 'OLD SCHOOL' LOYALTY to THEIR SUPPLIERS & CUSTOMERS"

We simply do not have any other brand that surpasses SP Tools for these attributes which today's professional Tool using community demands. We are proud to recommend SP Tools as THE premier Transquip Tools brand!

One of the newest innovations is the super Tech Series workshop Toolkits & Storage which have been designed to not only store the tools but to stand up to the rigors of constant use and in many cases mobility. All the boxes are designed with a dog bone style frame construction offering maximum rigidity for the high volume and weight of the tools. Heavy gauge steel is used for all load bearing framework.

The larger top box to suit the wide roll cab and all roller cabinets are fitted with stainless steel work area tops and blow moulded side trays with holders for screwdrivers and bits and pieces. All the boxes have moulded corner bumpers for protection against damage and are double powder coated. With the increased load from the many extra tools required in todays tool kits all the Tech Series roller cabinets are fitted with extra heavy duty castors, two fixed castors and two lockable swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability.

The boxes used in the kits come in range of configurations

  • 7 Drawer top box (475mm wide) 7Dr roll cabinet (480mm wide)
  • 13 Drawer roll cabinet (1145mm wide).
  • Also available is a 7 Drawer top box (1140mm) for extra storage with the wide roll cabinets.
  • All in a choice of blue or red handles.

Some of the features of the landmark Toolkits & Storage Boxes are:

  • Paper Towel Holder
  • Heavy Duty Wheels
  • EVA Foam Storage
  • Side Storage Compartment
  • Removable Side Storage/Rubbish Bin
  • Soft Close Drawers with Locking System

THE STARTER KITS have Flare nut spanners (10-22mm). E star spanners (E6-E20). Long polished chrome vanadium combination spanners (6-24mm). 2 double ring spanners 75 deg offset (8/10 & 9/11mm) all housed in EVA foam insert. Also housed in an EVA tray is a full range of 1/4dr & 3/8dr standard 12pt and deep 6pt chrome vanadium sockets. All socket the accessories plus E torx sockets, inhex and torx sockets.

Both starter kits also come with 12 screwdrivers, 2 x 9pce hex key sets, 1 x 9pce Torx key set. Combination- long nose-diagonal cutters and locking pliers, multigrips, adjustable wrench. 31 piece mini bit and ratchet set. Tape measure. 3 prong filter oil wrench. Pin punch set. Pick & hook set. Feeler gauges. Razor scraper. Safety glasses and ear plugs.

THE TRADE TECHNICIANS KITS have all the tools that are in the starter kits and also a set of 1/2” drive sockets from 19-36mm, 60 tooth high class ratchet, 250mm breaker bar, universal joint, 75 and 125mm wobble bar extensions and 5 x 1/2dr impact sockets (10-18mm), 6 x 1/2dr colour coded wheel nut deep impact sockets (14-24mm), 2 x 1/2dr impact extension bars (75 and 125mm) and a 1/2dr impact universal joint. Other hand tools include 4pce trim removal set, a telescopic inspection mirror and telescopic magnetic pick-up tool, air duster, LED magbase super brilliant rechargeable worklight and a digital multimeter. These kits are housed in either a 7 drawer top box and 7 drawer roller cabinet or a 13 drawer wide roller cabinet. The trade technicians tools are also available in the Sumo Power Hutch boxes (SP50560)

THE MASTER TECHNICIANS KITS have all the tools of the trade technicians kit with the same choice of tool box combinations but you get an extra ball pein hammer, a soft/hard face hammer, 3 x cold chisels, a six piece precision screwdriver set, a retractable utility knife, a pair of machine washable general purpose gloves, magnetic parts tray, a box frame hacksaw, 6-24v long probe circuit tester, 1/2dr 40-200Nm micrometer torque wrench, 3/8dr mini air ratchet wrench and a 1/2dr stubby air impact wrench with a bonus 5pc impact socket rail.

The Tech Series tool kits will be available in a teal colour option, keeping this revolutionary series of tool kits even further ahead of the rest. To see the full range of our new Tech Series SP Tool Kits click here

6th Jul 2018 Transquip Tools & SP Product Release Bulletin

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