Search Tips

This Online Store is equipped with advanced searching facilities via the search box at the top of this page. To find the product you want fast, follow these simple tips for better searching. If you still can't find the item you require, please email us the details of what you are looking for and we will source it for you at the right price! 

  • When searching for an item, never use plurals ( e.g.: when searching for a Drill type in Drill NOT Drills).
  • Try to use only ONE word you think will appear in the product name or description of the item you require. Our search engine will search for your chosen word not only in the name or heading of the item, but also in the description of the item. (E.g.: If you are looking for a Hydraulic Puller Set you can type in "Puller" or "Bearing". The system will then pick up EVERY item in our database that has these words in the product name or description.)
  • Sometimes items are called by different names in different states. If you can't find the item using "your" name for it, try a few other names you may know. ( E.g.: if you a are looking for a Stilson, this can also be called a Pipe Wrench. Also, an Adjustable Wrench can also be called a Crescent or Shifter.)
  • If you know the part number of the item you are looking for try placing the correct part number in the search box

If you follow these steps you should take no longer than a few minutes to purchase a product from Transquip Direct. Your goods will be dispatched urgently upon confirmation of settlement of your order. If you still need further info please e-mail us at We will respond to your request on the same or next working day.


Search Filters

Search filters allow you to specify custom conditions in your search terms. It's similar to performing an advanced search however you do not have to visit the advanced search page first.

Search filters should be appended to the end of your search terms. Multiple search filters can be separated by a space.

Supported search filters are listed below.

price: Allows search results to be filtered by price.
price:$300-$400, price:>$400
rating: Allows search results to be filtered by rating.
rating:1-5, rating:1, rating:>2
featured: Return featured products only.
featured:true, featured:yes
instock: Return products that are currently in stock.
instock:true, instock:yes
freeshipping: Return products with free shipping.